Meet the newest addition to Crystal Farms! We own half of him with Ernie Tannehill of Tannehill Show Goats. He is out of the famous $30,000 Helms buck Ernie owns called "Crush" and out of a Helms Beast Doe Ernie owns. The first time we saw him, we knew we had to have him. We have big plans for this guy and know he is going to do great things for our operation! We couldn't be happier or more excited and watching him grow up is so much fun.


Meat Hook is out of our double bred Mini Me buck called “Stinger” and an Helms S100 doe.  He is pictured here at around 7 months old. 
One of the most exciting goats we have ever raised!  This stud is clean and smooth fronted, wide chested, tight hided, has great rib shape and a big loin, awesome hip, heavy structured, big booty, ripped with muscle from head to toe, and to top it off he has a super cool look that makes heads turn.  He is even more impressive when you get your hands on him.  Here is what one person said after visiting our farm and looking at him for the first time recently, “I saw Meat Hook in working clothes recently and all I can say is width from top to bottom! Style and the hip structure that the show weather industry has been looking for, for years.” 


Double Bred Mini Me Buck pictured here in his working clothes. He was pulled straight out of the pasture where he was running with a group of does.

We raised Stinger out of a Mini Me doe we bought from The Fosters at No Step Ranch and a Mini Me buck we also purchased from No Step Ranch.  Stinger recently sired the 2014 Grand Champion Market Goat at The Kansas Jr. Livestock Show.  Stinger is a proven producer of great ones.  The kids he sires have unbelievably thin hides, good rib shape, big butt, ample amount of bone, clean and pretty front end and a super loin. They handle with extreme hard muscle that make others say wow.


Here is a buck called "Jayhawk" that we raised out of one of our Helms 63 (S100 son) daughters and our No Step Ranch "Mighty Tex" buck.


A freak son we bought from No Step Ranch.

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A Mini Me son we bought from No Step Ranch.

A buck that we co-owned with Bill Mein.  We bought him from Kenneth Helms.  He was out of the sire NK Eldorado and a Schafer bred doe called HBS P90.


A buck that we bought from Kenneth Helms.  He was out of Schafer Farms Top Button and Keeper's full sister.  Top Button was out of Powell/Holman 2Sis 139N Bingo and Schafer Farms Athena.


"Super Duty" also known as "Helms 63" - A buck we bought from Kenneth Helms.  He was an HMB S100 son.


We have also used the following bucks in years past:

Helms 303, Helms 354 and Helms 752, and Helms S100